Tuesday, February 19, 2013

this year, my macbook will be celebrating its ninth birthday. in human time, i think this is approx 150 years. just like your decrepit grandad, my macbook has all sorts of quirks, like refusing to play dvds just because, having to be plugged in at all times because the battery is dead, and most annoying of all, having the most temperamental click-pad in the history of our universe. sometimes, i can use it for hours without a problem, but sometimes i am only treated to a couple of minutes before EVERYTHING is selected/moved/deleted/renamed ‘hghghgghghghhghg.mp3’/emailed to everyone in my address book. so it was with trepedation i decided to go on a bandcamp downloading spree last night, as quickly as i could.

just like an exclusive manhattan nightclub on a sweaty saturday night, my arthritic macbook operates a one in/one out policy. as i waved goodbye to ashlee simpson, terror, this is hell and marvin gaye (soz guys) i said hello to all of the above. 

that was a really long winded way of telling you that a) my computer is super old, and b) i really like my bandcamp account. bye! 

new orleans swim team
ryan thomas becker
pilots in orbit


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